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Financial Management Education


Running a business is hard enough without having to understand a Profit and Loss Statement or Balance Sheet. And how do you even do a cashflow statement? 

In most cases SMB's view these as reports that the (financial) accountant does at the end of each year.


Meanwhile, in the other 11 months you are supposed to make sense of what is happening in your business.


If you are not using these reports for your own decision-making you are leaving valuable dollars in someone else's pocket.

In larger organisations these reports are referred to as 'Management Accounts' - financials statements designed purely for Management to base their decision-making on.


Our approach is to help SMB's clarify what it is they are trying to achieve (high level, long-term targets) and put the tools in place to help them plan and execute against these targets.


Poorly structured Financial Statements make it difficult to understand key metrics like (true) Gross Profit, Working Capital Days and Marginal Cashflow.


All of these are important concepts and having a firm grasp on them will always lead to better decisions and ultimately better financial results.


Our service helps you tailor your financial statements to highlight the critical metrics in your business, and gives you a simple explanation of fundamental financial concepts. 


Once this is established, it needs to be supported by the right processes and systems to ensure accurate information is going to the right place in your Financial Statements and its happening as efficiently as possible.


We have a strong background in process improvement and using applications to streamline information flows.

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