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Management Accounting Services

If you haven't already read it, check out my blog where I explain the difference between Financial/Taxation Accountants and Management Accountants.


In short, the former are focused on historical accuracy of figures and complying with complex legislation and accounting standards.


The latter is driven by what information is needed to make the best decisions.


It is crystal ball gazing, number crunching and complex analysis.


It's less about what standard or law needs to be complied with and more ad-hoc and what-if scenarios.

Most SMB's are lucky if they can justify one financial resource, and if they are it is usually the Financial Accountant (and rightly so).


But looking at your business at a more detailed level can reap real benefits.


Its akin to a mechanic opening up the bonnet and working out how to get the engine running better, faster and more economically, rather than just doing a roadworthy to make sure the car is legal.


With more than 20 years supporting management in a corporate setting, I am passionate about making these business enhancing approaches available to SMB's.


Our services are provided on a 'fractional' basis, meaning there is no long-term commitment and you only commit to what you need.


We simply agree with the client on a monthly basis how many days our services will be provided for, and what the tasks and outcomes of that work will be.

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