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The Strategic Planning Process

Our process takes a structured approach to Strategic Planning, using common elements but also applying techniques to establish focused strategies with clear reasoning behind them. Our process covers the following key areas:

  • Setting Targets & Objectives: What are you trying to achieve and how far away are you from achieving it?

  • Strategy Selection: What are the available strategies to achieve the stated Targets?

  • Confirmation of Strategies: select the strategies that will enable you to achieve your Targets.

  • Execution: How will the chosen strategies be executed?

  • Projected Performance: What does your organisation look like once the chosen strategies are executed?

Key outputs from the process (our Fixed Price Strategic Plan) include:

  • Selection of Targets and Gap Analysis to determine how much your organisation needs to change

  • External and internal environment analysis (PESTLE and SWOT)

  • Mapping of chosen strategies to the key issues you identified that effect your organisation

  • 5-year projected Financials (Profit & Loss and Balance Sheet) isolating the impact of each strategy



Our services are provided on a fixed price basis so there are no surprises.

Fixed Price Strategic Plan - $5,990 + GST


  • Establishment of Targets & Objectives

  • External* & Internal Environment Analysis

  • On-site facilitation of SWOT session with management team (half day)

  • Strategy Selection and mapping of these to Key Issues

  • Financial Projections (Profit & Loss and Balance Sheet) showing Base Case (or 'Do Nothing') scenario plus impact of individual Strategies

  • Powerpoint Summary file template 

  • Excel file template of financial projections

* Based on using publicly available industry information or other data provided by the client.

The above also assumes financials are produced at a consolidated level, or single-divisional level.  Where multi-division or multi-product visibility of financials is required, an additional fee may be applied to allow for this complexity. 

Travel outside of Victoria will be charged at cost.

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