Grant Funding Applications

OPS Advisory has had a high success rate in completing grant funding applications, helping organisations secure critical funding to support their growth.


Federal and State governments provide numerous industry-specific and broad category funding, but the sheer number of programs and the status of them can make it difficult for many organisations to navigate. 


It can be hard to identify the right program for your project, the eligibility criteria, the application process and the deadlines. And this is BEFORE you even get started with the application. 


OPS Advisory can make the process much easier for you, helping identify the programs you'll have the greatest chance of success with.


We can also complete the application process, giving you and your project the best chance of gaining the funding.  This allows you to continue to focus on managing your organisation and not get distracted by what can be a time-consuming process.

We also have extensive business case development and financial modeling experience, so we can help you formalise your project and the rationale for it.


Successful Applications

We have enjoyed success across a number of industries as well as different funding programs.


Recent successful applications include:

  • Funding for a feasibility study to develop an enhanced model of aged care for the Rochester district

  • Gas Efficiency grant funding for a food manufacturer based in the Goulburn Valley, assisting with capital upgrades to improve efficiency of gas consumption

  • Funding to assist a number of major capital expansions for a Goulburn-Valley based food processor, including:

    • installation of a new state-of-the-art foodservice processing line

    • new value-added vegetable farming and processing capacity

    • installation of an onsite waste water treatment plant, reducing significant trade waste discharge

  • R&D Tax Incentive tax offsets for horticultural farming activities including trials of new vegetable farm approaches and trials of new vegetable varieties


Specific funding programs we have experience with include:

  • Building Better Regions Fund (Federal Government)

  • Grow Your Business Funding (Victorian Government)

  • Regional Jobs and Investment Package (RJIP) (Federal Government)

  • Gas Efficiency Grants (Sustainability Victoria)

  • R&D Tax Incentives 

We are also an accredited consultant for the following funding programs:

  • Export Marketing Development Grants (Federal Government)

  • Farming Together (Farming Cooperatives & Collaboration Pilot program)

Our Grant Application Process

The starting point to helping you is to understand your business more. 


We conduct a brief preliminary review of your business to understand the following:

  • Your approach to, and track record of, innovation in your organisation

  • Your financial track record and future projections

  • How successful you have been in implementing projects?

  • What impact will a grant have on your business?


Once we have discussed this, we recommend which grants are best for you and your business.


Once a grant funding opportunity has been identified we gather the necessary documentation and other background information required for your funding application. These documents can include:

  • strategic plans, or other long-term plans

  • marketing plans

  • financials (historic and future)

  • project business cases and financial models

  • project plans


From here we work to compile all relevant information and complete the application in line with the funding guidelines.

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