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Strategic Planning & Governance 
Start with getting the big decisions right.

We provide hands on, practical financial support to Small and Medium-sized businesses (SMB's). With more than 25 years experience in Management Accounting and Commercial Finance in corporate organisations, we bring the tools and tricks the big guys use and empower SMB's to make better and more informed financial and commercial decisions.


How do we do this?:

  • Strategic Planning and Governance Support

  • Financial Management Education

  • Management Accounting Services

  • Connecting to Cloud-based Applications

  • Data Management and Reporting


Strategic Planning & Governance

When you are a small to medium-sized business (SMB) with one or two owner/operators, decision-making is simple. The owner is close enough to the operations of the business to know if everything is going to plan. But as you grow, things get more complex. There may be multiple owners with varying, and sometimes unspoken, expectations. The owner is less involved operationally and in some cases a board of experienced people or family are responsible for making key strategic decisions. This is when high-level decision-making can be challenging. We can help you employ some or all parts of a Strategic Planning process to help you navigate through these challenges. 

Financial Management Education

No one starts or runs a business because they are good at the numbers (unless its an accounting business of course!). Having worked with regional-based SMB's there is a significant opportunity for them to improve their day-to-day decision-making using sound financial fundamentals. We get it, the numbers can be confusing, but they don't have to be. We can help develop your understanding using a simplified approach to using financial statements in your business.

Management Accounting Services

If you don't know the difference between a Management Accountant and a Financial Accountant, you can read my blog here. Management Accounting is all about supporting management decision-making. Number-crunching, crystal ball gazing and commercial analysis underpin the support in this area. We provide these services on a fractional basis because unless you grow substantially you will never justify employing someone to do this. What is fractional? Agreeing on a set number of days per month, one month at a time, so there are no long-term commitments. 

Connecting to Cloud-based Applications

The case for connecting to cloud-based applications has never been more compelling. There is an application for almost every task or process in your business and connecting to them can make your business run more efficiently and save you time, as well as providing more information to support your decision-making. We can help you identify he right solution, as well as ensuring you are getting the most of your existing cloud-based applications, whether they are cloud-based or old-school desktop programs.

Data Management & Reporting

As SMB's get better connected they are capturing more and more data in their business. But unless you are a hard-core data nerd like us, you're probably not doing much with it. With the advent of cloud-based systems for accounting, Point of Sale, Time and Attendance, Payroll, Ordering etc. there is so much data that isn't being used to support decision-making. We can help extract this data using readily available Business Intelligence (BI) tools to give you more insight into your business, when its needed.

Like to know more?

Get in touch and we'll organise a time to discuss how we can add value to your business.

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